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Listening to photography

Can someone talk about a visual medium for an extended period of time, with no visual reference, and still hold someone's interest? In a word, yes. I've discovered podcasts fairly recently. They weren't much appealing until last year, when I discovered two photo podcasts and have been hooked ever since. They've been quite helpful in passing the time during the pandemic. It's nice to get inspired from other like minded people while staying home avoiding Covid-19.

The first is by LensWork magazine founder Brooks Jensen. Brooks' podcast focuses on fine art photography. He touches on gear, but stresses that gear should not be the focus for photographers. Drawing on over forty years of experience in the industry, his stories are both informative and inspiring. I also highly recommend LensWork magazine. The work featured in the magazine from contributing photographers is curated very well.

The second podcast I discovered is the Candid Frame with Ibarionex Perello. Ibarionex is both a writer and photographer, writing a number of photography books, and shooting with a keen eye for street photography. There is some great work on his instagram feed @Ibarionex. The Candid Frame is more varied. Ibarionex interviews a wide range of photographers. From editorial to commercial, all of his guests have something unique to offer the listener. There is no shortage of inspiration.

Will there be a Room for Copy podcast in the future? Maybe. But for now I'll stick to listening to my two favorites.

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