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Night light

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Snack time, NYC 2018

Photography is all about controlling light. Good light, bad light, so so light. If you can make light work for you, you can capture just about any image. Sunlight in my opinion is the best light source. It's the most honest and organic. Studio lighting can be incredibly fun to play with and wildly creative, but sometimes ambient light, like street lights, signage, light bulbs, and neon can be dynamic sources of light that tell an incredible story.

I love the spring and summer as much as anyone, but when the fall approaches and the days get shorter, I see it as an opportunity to enjoy and challenge myself with ambient light.

The night offers plenty of creative opportunities for photographers.

Late summer, Wildwood, NJ 2017

Shore perspectives, Wildwood, NJ 2017

The key to getting dynamic nighttime exposures is to expose for the light, and leave the rest of the image underexposed. I'm a bit old school when it comes to gear, but having an EVF helps with these types of shots. The majority of my street photography and night shots have been done with micro four thirds system cameras. Specifically the Panasonic gx9 and gx85. The compact system is perfect for candid street shots.

When I'm shooting, I'm not just looking for the light. I'm looking for the color, lines, and symmetry that it creates.

Entrance, NYC, NY 2019

I often take a 3 mile walk from midtown manhattan to the World Trade Center station after work. It's a great opportunity to clear my mind and do some great street photography, but as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer so will my end of day commute. I will enjoy natural light and the golden hour more. But for those often late nights in work, my camera will be ready to capture the city at night.

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