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Photos by foot

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

My love of street photography

I consider myself very fortunate to work in New York City. It allows me to combine two of my favorite activities. Walking and photography. I have the type of commute that many New Yorkers envy. A bus picks me up outside of my home and a train levels me underneath my office building. All in 40 minutes time. But when the end of the day comes, I often forego my easy commute and take a 3 mile walk down to the World Trade Center PATH train station to NJ. My shutter count pales in comparison to my step count, but it's worth it.

Urban landscape, New York, NY 2018 Panasonic GX85

There are many approaches to street photography. Color, black and white, candid or portraiture. Almost all of my street photos focus on one thing. The interaction between people, whether it be directly or indirectly. I find the juxtaposition of personalities photo worthy.

Every photograph should be viewed in totality, the entire frame corner to corner. This is especially critical with street photography. The streets are filled with lines, colors, and textures. All of these elements need to be accounted for. They are all elements that interact with your subject.

Up, New York, NY 2019 Panasonic GX9, Panasonic 25mm f1.7 lens

A lot of street photographers try to find an interesting location with nice lighting and wait for the right person to walk into their shot. I've tried this before and it can yield nice results, but when I am out shooting, I'm primarily looking for interesting people first. It's often an easy task when shooting in a city like New York.

Black and White, New York, NY 2015

Sometimes a photo can change meaning over time. I shot the above photo during Pope Francis' visit to New York in 2015 outside of Madison Square Garden. The amount of security and organization was also something to be documented. At the time this photo meant something completely different, but in light of the recent events of 2020, this photo took on a new meaning.

Mr. Peeps, New York, NY 2019 Canon 80D

Over the shoulder, and Street Art, Amsterdam NE 2019

Panasonic GX9, Olympus 12-40mm pro f2.8 lens

At the Square, Amsterdam, NE 2015

Panasonic GX9, Olympus 12-40mm pro f2.8 lens

It was only a matter of time that my love for street photography would take me abroad. In September of 2019 I had the pleasure of taking a trip to the Netherlands and Belgium. One of my main goals was to experience the streets of Europe and see how different yet similar they are to New York. When the average person visits the Netherlands, they come home with a memory card full of windmills, museums, and tulips, but black and white street photography was at the core of what I was expecting. While the culture may be different in Europe, the streets can be surprisingly similar. It's a reminder of how diverse and international New York is. New York has a connection that spans the globe.

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